Janice and Carlos’ Wedding

Photographer: Rhythm Photography
Style: Elegant and Fairy Tale
Casa Loma, Toronto

“At the beginning of our wedding planning, we didn’t really want to hire a planner as we thought we could handle everything ourselves, but we are definitely glad our parents persuaded us to get one and it was amazing to have Carmen throughout the whole process! Carmen became our wedding planner 6 months ahead of our wedding date and she was amazing. With her excellent organizational skills we had well planned monthly check ins and to-do lists that kept us on the right track. Even if we were feeling stressed about the wedding planning, after the meetings we would always be reassured. She displayed professionalism and experience when connecting us with vendors and coordinating everything to ensure everyone knew what was going on. And she was great emotional support throughout the whole process, we felt that we could really enjoy our wedding day because on the day of everything went so smoothly we didn’t have to worry about anything because Carmen and her team took care of everything; from the big things like making the schedule and vendor coordination to the minute details of venue decor Carmen sorted everything out. We truly believe one of the best decisions we made was having Carmen Tan Events plan our wedding!”

Chiara and Matthew’s Wedding

Photographer: Eliot Kim Photography
Old Mills, Toronto

“Working with Carmen was by far the best choice we made when planning for our wedding. At first, I wasn’t convinced we even needed month of coordination, but we chose to go with it and I’m beyond grateful that we did. After our initial meeting we both left feeling incredibly relieved. Carmen kept us on track, connected us with the best vendors, and made sure everything went smoothly. Leading up to the wedding she was always available and working hard to make sure we had everything in order. On the day of my husband and I were able to fully enjoy the day knowing everything was under control. Thanks to Carmen’s hard work not only were we able to enjoy the big day, but we could be confident in the planning process. I would highly recommend Carmen to anyone looking to get married.”

Brian and Christine's Wedding

Photographer: Hannah Belvedere Photography
Style: Industrial & Romantic
The Warehouse, Toronto

Carmen was a pleasure to work with. She is very familiar with the industry and has good knowledge of the different vendors. Her experience led to structured and efficient meetings, as well as a smooth planning process. She works hard to communicate things quickly and does a great job of liaising on the day of. My wife and I were completely hands-off on our wedding day -- the exact type of service we were hoping for when we hired Carmen. I would recommend Carmen to any couple that is looking for someone that is knowledgable, driven, and personable.

Tammy & Darren's Wedding

Photographer: Evolylla Photography
Style: Modern and Elegant
Toronto, Ontario

Carmen was the day-of coordinator for our wedding and went above and beyond our expectations for the services that would be provided. We were excited to be working with Carmen from the start - Carmen is organized, detail-oriented, personable, and her genuine desire to partner with her couples in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable wedding planning process is very evident and well-appreciated. Carmen maintained proactive and consistent communication with us, provided suggestions for vendors, and always ensured that she listened to and understood the vision that we had and provided helpful details to consider in all aspects of the planning process. Carmen was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend her services to anyone who is going through the wedding planning process!

Courtney & Andrew's Wedding

Day of Coordination
Photographer: Willow Blush Photography
Style: Outdoor Rustic & Romantic Wedding
Muskoka, Ontario 

Victoria & Michael's Wedding

Day of Coordination
Photographer: Melissa Sung
Style: Chinese Banquet Reception
Markham, Ontario

Everyone should aspire for a stress-free wedding day and working with Carmen definitely achieved that. We planned our own wedding and as our wedding day approached, we realized we needed someone to coordinate everyone and everything! It was then that we reached out to Carmen to be our Day-of Coordinator. Carmen's thoughtfulness, organization, and calm were invaluable in making our wedding day go so wonderfully. She was patient and responsive in answering our questions, giving us a lot of helpful hints along the way. Prior to the wedding, Carmen was intentional in introducing herself to our vendors and helpers so everyone knew who to reach out to for questions. We reviewed the schedule one last time with Carmen, and at the end of our meeting she told us, “Okay, that’s it guys! I think we’re all set for your wedding. Just leave everything to me and go relax.” Her reassurance was the calm we needed. During the wedding, we sailed blissfully through the day, trusting ourselves to Carmen’s wonderful coordination. Her work throughout the evening was discreet but also apparent. She executed all the details of setup, helped with the Tea Ceremony, coordinated with the kitchen, cued helpers, checked in to make sure we were okay, made sure we had a slice of cake… and these are only the things we know she did. We’re sure she did so much more that we don’t even realize! There are many costs to a wedding, and we'll always remember that the best money we spent was 1) The Marriage License and 2) Hiring Carmen. We highly, highly recommend Carmen’s event coordination services – you will thank yourself later :)

Myra & Mike's Wedding

Wedding Coordination
Photographer: Spencer Xiong
Style: Hawaiian & Tropical Themed Wedding
Mississauga & Vaughan, Ontario

Initially when we planning our dream wedding, we didn't see the need for having any outside professional help such a coordinator. However, as we progressed further and further planning for our wedding ceremony and reception, we realized the daunting task in front of us and how much a wedding coordinator would help us in this important day. After meeting with Carmen, we were impressed by her professionalism, experience, and ability to get things done to our standards for our day. We have known Carmen personally through faith based non - profit work for the over 6 years and we have known her integrity, attention to detail, and strong work ethic and we had no problems trusting her with our wedding ceremony and reception coordination. She handled the decorations, executing the schedule, ensuring that the vendors were on time with the right materials, making sure our family members were organized for their work, and was on hand to deal with any contingencies that arose. Our family members and us were extremely impressed with the level of service, attention to detail, and friendliness she exhibited towards our guests, vendors, and wedding helpers. We were glad Carmen was around as it took a huge burden off of our and our family shoulders as the liaison with the venue, vendors, MC's, officiants, and helpers. We were able to focus more upon our special day with our friends and family because of her work for the wedding. We have no hesitation in recommending her work to others and would encourage newly engaged couples to consider hiring a wedding coordinator as it helped us and our family greatly during our wedding day.

Sandra & Chris' Wedding

Wedding Coordination
Photographer: Jessilynn Wong
Style: Elegant
Ajax, Ontario

We couldn't have done it without Carmen! Hiring her to be our wedding coordinator was one of the best things we could've done when planning our wedding. She was encouraging and kept us on track with the hundreds of things we still had to do. She also went above and beyond her duties by offering decor suggestions, helping us find materials and even taking on some of the projects for us! That was a big help, and after every meeting with Carmen, we would feel better about the process. Leading up to the wedding, she was in constant communication with us and our vendors to ensure that everyone knew what to do and where to be. Needless to say, Carmen is an organized, hard-working individual who genuinely cared about us and our wedding. Even some of our bridesmaids said they were really glad that Carmen was there at the wedding, and we would highly recommend her to anyone who needs more help in prepping for their big day!
Sandra & Chris

Jessica & Matthew's Wedding

Month of Coordination
Photographer: Jenn & Dave Stark
Style: Rustic
Innisfil, Ontario

Carmen as our month-of wedding coordinator was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning! From our very first meeting, we loved how personable and honest she was. We immediately knew we could trust her with our wedding day. She listened closely to every detail of our vision and values. Carmen and her team carried out our wedding day even more beautifully than we had envisioned! Being an outdoor ceremony, we had our worries. Despite the rain, she acted quickly with her team to prepare for plan B and kept us calm throughout the process. As Christians, it was important to Matt and I to keep our wedding aligned with our values. I really appreciated that Carmen prayed with and for us at every meeting. Wedding coordinating is more than just a job to Carmen – she truly has a heart for couples and to see them enjoy the wedding planning process. Whenever we felt stressed leading up to the day, she would make sure to check-in and send us encouraging texts. She also connected and communicated extremely well with our families, vendors, and helpers. Our families could not stop raving about how impressed they were with how her team managed the day! In addition to being professional, exceptionally organized and amazing at what she does, Carmen is one of the kindest and easy-going people you will ever meet. I cannot thank her and her team enough for putting Matt and I at ease on our wedding day. We were truly blessed to have worked with such a fantastic team! We highly recommend Carmen Tan Events. We promise you will not be disappointed if you choose her : )" - Jess & Matt

Lugain & Vince's Wedding

Month of Coordination
Photographer: Rebecca Nash @rebeccanashphotography
Style: Elegant and Harbour Wedding
Sombra, Ontario

The wedding planner that turns visions into reality.
I honestly cant say enough great things about Carmen Event planning. With only 4 months to plan a wedding, I knew an event planner was a necessity. Carmen was the first event planner I called and I didn't even feel the need search for more after meeting with Carmen. All of my worries were put at ease, from that very first moment.

Carmen had incredible communication and a way of making us feel like we were being heard. Although we only hired her for day of coordination , Carmen was accessible at all times. She maintained constant contact and always kept us on track!With Carmen's guidance overseeing every detail leading up to and including the day of the event, my husband and I were able to enjoy our wedding and guests. Everyone had an incredible time!

Her partner Ryan was a great help. Both kept the day running smoothly and everything was done beautifully. They even ensured we were fed !!! Honestly they were such a great pair, and kept everyone joyful. We received countless compliments from all of our guests about what an amazingly beautiful wedding this was. As well everyone was impressed with how smoothly everything ran. Carmen kept in contact with all the vendors and the flow was just perfect. 

We would only every recommend Carmen for any and all event planning. It was honestly such a perfect day and we could not have done it without Carmen's attention to detail , patience and genuine desire to help. 
With sincere appreciation for everything, 
Lujain and Vince

Gala & Ezra's Mayled Wedding
Wedding planning & Coordination

Photographer: Eliotmoose
Venue: Scott Mission Camp
Style: Rustic and Barn Wedding
Caledon, Ontario

Carmen was an amazing planner for our wedding! From the planning stages, to the prep, she had everything organized and kept us on track as a couple. Her friendly personality and incredible attention to detail and meeting everyone's needs is what makes her a fantastic wedding coordinator. She not only impressed us a couple. but also our friends and family who were involved! Everyone involved in our wedding planning spoke very highly of her organizational and planning skills - they couldn't stop talking about her for days! What makes Carmen stand out is the way she combines professional excellence with her sincere heart of caring for others. She is amazing!"

Sherene & Sean Skyvington's Wedding

Photographer: Jay&Cee 
Venue: Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre
Vaughan Mills, Ontario

"Carmen was the lead decorator for our wedding which took place early April. She played a critical role in the execution of our wedding day and we must say we were extremely impressed. Carmen took the time to meet with us several times prior to our wedding day in order to present ideas to us and visualize what it was that we were looking for on our special day. Through these meetings she was able to show us her inventory of wedding decorations and materials. We utilized many of these to create the atmosphere we desired. Carmen went the extra mile in the weeks leading up to our wedding and even helped us with some of the musical and creative choices that she had seen previously in other weddings. On the day of the wedding Carmen was excellent, she was on time at every step of the day and led our décor team; which consisted of a group of our friends many of which she did not know. As we went through the day every aspect was beautiful and we felt as which the venue was decorated just as we had envisioned. Most importantly we did not have to worry about what was going on behind the scenes at our wedding while we concentrated on our big day. We had our complete trust in her ability and expertise to execute all aspects in regards to the decoration and theme of our wedding. This took away much of the stress and anxiety that my then fiancée had been under."


Cassandra & Rex Chan's Wedding
Decorator & Assisted with wedding logistics

Photographer: Shelly Spithoff
Venue: Mandarin Golf Club


Winnie & Anthony Chiu's Wedding
Decorator & Engagement Photographer

Venue: Elegance Chinese Restaurant and Banquet
Style: Traditional Chinese Wedding

It was a pleasure working with Carmen. She is such a friendly and caring individual. During our engagement photo session, she did an amazing job in helping us feel comfortable and was able to capture beautiful, personalized photos for us. As head of our decorations team, she was professional and organized and always put our desires and needs first. She also offered us alternate ideas to help make our wedding unique and memorable. We had absolute confidence in her to make sure everything was in place – allowing us to enjoy our special day care-free!

Grace & Bernard's Wedding

Venue: The London Club, London,ON
Theme: Autumn 

Carmen was so organized and a pleasure to work with. She met with us 3 times prior to our wedding to consult on the decorations plans, followed up on email as needed, and helped set up, tear down, and even corresponded with our venue staff to help run the day. The decor pieces she made for us (e.g. flower garland for wedding arch, toss bouquet, altar pieces...) were simple and elegant; exactly what we wanted. She was accommodating for all of our requests and budget limitations, made us feel at ease, and overall we felt she went above and beyond what we've asked of her. Carmen also helped us problem solve for unexpected surprises on the wedding day. Specifically; our wedding musicians never arrived at the venue and the bridal party had to procure a playlist to run for the ceremony just 15 minutes prior to the start time. Carmen was so calm, directed us in discussions around a back-up plan, and was kind enough to run all of the songs on cue throughout the ceremony from a smartphone hooked to the speaker-system! As the bride of that day; I couldn't have been more thankful for her calm presence, quick thinking, and her willingness to pick up different roles as needed in order to ensure that our big day was one to remember.